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  1. Rosendo Lopez

    I purchased a VX735ag thru Nguyen medical in June of 2014 I have bilateral c-5 palsy the results were amazing but the first time I travelled with my unit it ceased to function .the person It was purchased from ,Maxwell, and a Dr Namuk he referred
    Me too both said the microprocessor was subject to failure from the airport scanner device yet they won’t even give me an address
    To send it to be repaired there was no warning not to send it thought the airport scanner really I just need it repaired can you please help me
    Thank you

    • Sorry, Rosendo, LET Medical (the manufacturer of your device) treat their devices on an individual basis and will only accept for repairs the devices legally sold through their authorized distributors. Maxwell or NuGen are not authorized LET Medical distributors – and we can’t help you because you didn’t buy your device through us. The best we can do is to forward your message to LET Medical and ask them if they would consider accepting your device for repair directly from you bypassing your seller. If they agree, we can send your device to Russia on your behalf with our own repairs, unless you would like to do it yourself.

      If you wish to proceed that way, please let us know at support@healthboss.org. Thank you.

  2. georgia

    I am familiar with the principles in “The Secret”. They are very empowering. They came from an earlier group of teachins, several or many years before The Secret was written. I forget the name right at this moment. It will come to me soon. It was expensive, and was so popular, that all psych professionals and students wanted one. It was hard to find, and sold out as soon as they came in. The Secret is almost identical to this published manual. Maybe, from the early 90’s. I remember it well. Even before this was a marvelous book by a Father Joseph Murphy, which was a short version of similar principles, and a great read, and great suggestions to follow. His was published even earlier than the 90’s. It might still be found on amazon.com, or in second hand book stores.

    I am a retired professional counselor, and advocate positive thinking, always. I also followed the teachings of Joseph Murphy, who was also of another kind of belief, besides Catholic, possibly Muslim. There were many positive psychologists and psychiatrists then, and earlier. It was a great time to be studying psych at that time. I still practice these techniques on and with myself. I am aware of the Secret being from another author and another time, however fresh and good the movie was. They are all powerful and beneficial, and all made big money, too.

    Thank you for the fond memories. G. Carman

  3. ruben neal

    I would like to be an affiliate..
    Could you let me know if you have an active affiliate program?

  4. shona

    I would like to look into the homeopathic imprinter could you please lead me to where I can get information on this .
    thank you

  5. shona

    Hi , Can you plug a 606 laser into a scenar cosmodic device ?
    thank you

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