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  1. Dr Irina, thank you so much for last night’s teleconference! As always, I have learned so much and I look forward to the next 4 teleconferences. Tuesday nights are now much more interesting!

    You suggested that I email my questions. I have an elderly Ex715ag, a Ex735ag and a older Q1000 with both probes, as well as two shunguite attachments (they are awesome!) My daughter-in-law’s neighbor has been living with MS and treating it as holistically as she can. What would be the best ways of treating this affliction? I could help sometimes, but know that this could be a long, slow process and I live 600 miles away. Is there a skilled practitioner she could see in South East Florida? Is Michael Beasley in Florida? If she could get started with this healing modality and see for herself the effectiveness of these tools, I can easily imagine her taking the step of purchasing her own home-health tools as well as being guided by experts.
    Thanks again! Rose

  2. Glenda

    I would like to find someone in my area who could treat me and or would welcome any advice, Some shoulder problems,as well as just age related problems. I am concerned about using these devices – because I did had a heart oblation done last year for atrial fib problem. Which of course caused a scaring to help with the heart electrical system. So of course I do not want to remove the scaring. Just not sure what to expect from treatments. I do not need to take any medications. In pretty good health for 77 years old.
    I am in the Central Valley of CA and not far from the Bay area.

  3. kathleen

    need practioner

  4. Margaret Fournier

    I am wondering what the “DNM” refers to after Dr. Irina”s MD and PHD?

    Also, reading ‘Cellular Healing’ and the ‘click on’ on- either of 2 places- does not open for more information on the points made. The information in this work is exacting what I have been trying to find in order to understand the IMPORTANCE of why the ‘addition’ of Dove to Q. makes it reasonable to add.

    Thank you for your assistance and have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year,

  5. Lesa McInnis

    Interested in practioners in mu area

  6. nanjappa Sreenivas M.D.

    looking forward to help poor patients.
    minimize cost of treatment to be affordable

    • Jackie Kretzschmar

      I have used Scenar technology in my practice with great success for 9 years. I received a D.O.V.E. two weeks ago, I am very impressed quickness’ in which it heals. My testimonies are quite lengthy. I welcome all comments and would speak with anyone who would like to talk about this magnificent technology. Thank you

      • Carole

        I’m 61 and on no medication – so relatively healthy. However, I believe due to 12 years of constant antibiotic use, while a teenager for acne, my biome (I may not have spelled this correctly) is toast. Have you had any clients with a similar issue respond to this technology? I can and would fork over the money for any device that actually works as advertised. I value and appreciate any counsel you give. Thank you.

      • Jon


        I’m an acupuncturist in the US and have used the older scenar technology in my practice for years. I’m very interested in cosmodic from a clinical perspective. Is there any chance we could chat via e-mail?


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