Dr. Donald Snow

Dr. Donald Snow

Dr. Don Snow, DAOM, MPH, L.Ac.

Dr. Donald Snow, D.A.O.M., M.P.H., M.S., L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Louisiana and California.

Dr. Snow is a retired military medical service officer and has over 20 years of experience in Western biomedicine and epidemiology. As one of only a handful of doctors of acupuncture and oriental medicine, his advanced education and solid knowledge in both western and oriental medicine allow him to combine the best from the ancient theories and modern space age technologies. This allows him to provide optimal solutions to his patients’ health problems.

Dr. Don says, “I know when and how to use both Eastern and Western medicine. 100% of the patients accepted for treatment get positive results.

This is not a vain statement. If Dr. Snow can’t get at least 50% relief during your first visit, he simply doesn’t take you on as a patient. You don’t waste your time and hard earned money if he doesn’t get results. No one else makes this guarantee!

Dr. Donald Snow specializes in neurology and pain relief and uses integrated medicine in his treatment approach. Dr. Snow was a professor and clinic supervisor at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego for many years.

Read more and watch Dr. Don’s video: Lake Charles, LA Acupuncture Practitioner – Dr. Donald Snow HERE

Dr. Snow’s experience shared in “The SCENAR Book”

“I have many stories and experiences with SCENAR.

First, I use 2 705 models and the AG 735 Modific. I must also tell you that I ALWAYS combine SCENAR with acupuncture and get stellar results with 90%+ of my patients.

My first story concerns neuropathies and neuralgias. I have treated over 300 cases and have a 90+% permanent success rate with neuropathies. The following are the types of neuropathies that I see the most and the effects of treatment on that type of neuropathy:

1. Diabetic Neuropathy: 98% permanent success rate after 9 to 15 treatments starting with 2 to 3 treatments per week and weaning the patient of treatments. All patients required to come every four months for tune-up after correction reached.

2. Neuropathy from Chemotherapy: This is the most resistant to treatment and only 50% respond at all; and of these none have gotten 100% relief/or feeling back. However, IF they respond you can expect 80 to 90% permanent relief.

3. Neuropathy from Heavy Metal Exposure: About the same as Chemotherapy.

4. Neuropathy from Agent Orange Exposure: 95% plus permanent success.

It must also be noted that I have never gotten these kinds of results with acupuncture alone, nor with SCENAR alone. I apply acupuncture using a Pachi-pachi e’stim device first, and then apply SCENAR. I have found that pachi-pachi acts as a VERY strong SCENAR frequency and causes the body to respond, then SCENAR/Cosmodic can then find asymatries to treat. So SCENAR is the finishing tool.

On my next visit I will discuss SCENAR and arthritis. I have about an 80%+ success rate with this.

I am sincerely,”

Dr. Don

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P.P.S. Dr. Snow was one of our Practical Professors at the HealthBoss University LIVE 6-11 event June 3-5, 2011 in Austin, TX. Dr. Snow shared his practical experience in treating Peripheral Nervous System Disorders (such as Neuropathies) and Arthritis.

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