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  1. I am new to this Scenar, I read about them about 10 years ago and it was just now I found this most informative site. That video I was watching, at first I couldn’t understand why she seemed to be leaving behind black soot. I told my wife that device must be dirty and it wasn’t until the end of the video that I realized what was happening!

    I am just amazed! I use the SE-5 1000 an IDF analyzer I can measure negative emotions and let me say I have 30 tunings and it takes me 72 hours to run the programs to keep the good IDF’s 100% and the bad ones 0%.

    Gosh! It took only minutes with this device! I am sold and the other thing I find fascinating is the Ear Balance Technique I could only imagine what that lady felt like.

    Got a question there seems there are more women then men that do the scenar!

    • Yes, Dennis, the SCENAR and, especially, COSMODIC technology is pretty amazing 🙂 I can assure you, neither the device nor the lady’s face in the Emotional Detox Protocol on video were dirty or had any cream, lotion, or other medium on them. That’s how the power of COMSODIC magnified by the power of a special grade silver of the electrodes work. Not everybody has the same effect – but then again, not everybody holds on to negativity that we all get exposed to daily. And the Ear-Brain Balancing is a very powerful technique as well, despite its seeming simplicity.

      You are only partially right about more women than men in the SCENAR World. Quantitatively – yes, most of SCENAR practitioners are women. I guess, it is because SCENAR carries the YIN essence, which is generally considered feminine – nurturing, organizing, caring. At the same time, all SCENAR designers and most of the best SCENAR practitioners and trainers are men 🙂

  2. jesus martinez (Spain)

    wich are the parameters with the 735Ag modific, please?

  3. Great video and presentation. Dr Irina, DJ is trying it right now! Nice group you had in Florida, so sorry we could not make it. Much affection, Pete and DJ

  4. Howard

    Just tried the facial detox( on myself) and had a few grey patches come up, which was great as they washed off well.
    A bit of a delayed response but after two or three hours I felt very clear with few negative thoughts.
    I also liked the hard pressure on the skin with the slider, certainly not a whispering technique.
    Many thanks for sharing that as it is a really valuable protocol!
    Howard UK

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