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  1. s.j

    Could you please send me the Sara’s PDF file?

  2. sara

    Irina, I just wanted you to know I have experienced teeth regeneratioin.

    About a year ago, I began thinking “why” do our teeth age and have all those problems as we get older. They are alive… they should regenerate. I had a cavity occur, and instead of going to the dentist, I began to use the Q1000 laser with an enhancer probe and did some research. I re-discovered that cavities are bacterial decay, which meant to me, they could be stopped. Then all I had to do was regrow the dentin and enamel, which is happening.

    I have sent the pdf to you that I used for remineralization, but I know that the use of the laser stopped the bacteria causing the decay. The other material I discovered was that all toothpastes etc. damage dentin, unless they are the totally natural ones. I chose to move to SPRY, and I use SPRY mints throughout the day because they create a more alkaline environment in your mouth and acid is a cause of dentin and enamel wearing as is “brace yourself” teeth whitening treatment!

    So you’re right, we can deal with teeth regenerating. . . just another incredible use of your tools. . . I don’t know where we would be without them!

    • Ty

      Hi Sara, et al,

      I have a Q1000 laser and I would like to use it to experiment with growing new teeth. Do you know what setting and/or probe to use for stimulating growth of new teeth? Or, do you know where to find more information?


      • Hi, Ty,

        Even though the QLaser is a wonderful technology for dental applications and, in particular, for cavities since it effectively eliminates bacterial decay, for growing new tooth structures we strongly recommend the COSMODIC technology with its powerful regeneration effect: any COSMODIC device with dental remote attachments (silver or shungite).

    • Great story, Sara, thank you 🙂 And thank you for the ebook – I put it up for download for all Home Healers at the PPS to the article above. What everyone ought to know about care for their teeth…

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