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  1. Where can I find the “Little Wings” Protocol? I do not know that one!

    • Dear Susan,

      “Little Wings” is one of our forever-favorite Protocols, even though it requires a certain level of proficiency in working with the SCENAR/COSMODIC device. Can be self-administered, but it is way easier if you have someone to assist you. We consider it an advanced technique.

      “Little Wings” directly stimulate the Vagus nerve, at the same time creating involuntary contractions of the neck and shoulder muscles. This effect removes tension in the neck and shoulders and lifts off the load of stress in a matter of seconds showing the body what a proper Autonomic Nervous System balance should be like.

      • To perform the technique, set your COSMODIC device to MYO mode (if it has one). Otherwise, leave it on Auto. For the DOVE scenar, move to M3 (Mode 3: 3 sec. stimulation followed by 1 sec. pause). For RITMSCENARs, AM 3:1.
      • Firmly press the device against the side of the neck at the position shown on the picture. http://healthboss.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Little-Wings-graphic.png
      • Increase the energy level to pretty high (above comfortable). You may need to move the device around a little bit (without detaching it from the skin) in order to find a location, which will elicit involuntary contractions of the neck and shoulder muscles.
      • The contractions may be very little at the beginning (in most cases, muscles in this area are very rigid due to stress), but as you keep your device firmly and steadily on the found spot, the amplitude of shoulder motions will increase. Ask a client to help you by being completely relaxed and letting the shoulder go where it wants to go – followed by letting it completely drop at the pause.
      • Consider getting 5-7 good contractions on each side – and slightly massage the shoulders with your SCENAR or COSMODIC set to Default afterwards to balance the flow of energy.

      NOTE: The procedure also quickly puts a person in a good mood – you will have a client giggling or laughing out loud almost instantly.

  2. sam jonas

    Dr Irina, must say found this informative & enlightening!

    Thanks for sharing it….

    Regards, Sam.

    • Very helpful information. I was doing a few of these things, not all. I like the inclusion of the Gratitude list first thing in the morning!
      Thank you Dr Irina. Love and blessings…Freida Edwards, Mumbai, India.

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