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  1. alice chan

    how successful is this method for stabilizing glaucoma?

    • Dear Alice,

      Glaucoma is a severe degenerative disorder rooted in malnutrition of the eye tissues and, as such, requires complex approach to its treatment. Our energy healing devices can help with lowing the eye pressure and improving the blood circulation in the ophthalmic artery and its collaterals. That, in turn, slows down the progression of glaucoma and, in some cases, can even improve visual functions. Nothing, however, can revive the lost nervous fibers of the ophthalmic nerve. Hence, the earlier therapy starts the better.

      Overall, our devices are quite successful in stabilizing glaucoma, but are not always successful in reversing it. Everything depends on a particular health situation.

  2. Eteng Otu

    Please, I am fascinated by the machines you apply to address vision problems. Can the same machines help a child who has brain issues and can’t talk fluently , can’t walk or stand on his feet without assistance? Thanks.

    • Dear Eteng,

      Yes, our devices have helped many children with delayed development. The body is a pretty amazing and powerful system; it has an innate wisdom to heal and correct itself when given the correct support. That’s what our devices provide – and the rest is up to the body.

      The success usually depends on the child’s age and the nature and the level of damage the body was exposed to (basically, on how badly the body’s programs are corrupted). For example, we still cannot correct genetic defects, when the damage is on the very core level of DNA; we can only help symptomatically. We also can do only so much for the autistic children, whose nervous system was severely damaged on the early developmental stages. And yet, in many cases we have a pretty significant success.

      If you can give us more details about the child’s condition, we can probably give you a more precise advice.

      Kind regards,

      Dr. Irina

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