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  1. Maria

    Any news update on when the new ENS will be out and selling and price indication? Same for the DX Duo?

    • Dear Maria,

      The ENS is already out. We have it in stock; it retails for $8,600 USD. The first results are very encouraging.

      Actually, it is a pretty amazing machine that reaches deeper than physical levels of our being. Practically everyone who uses ENS notices a certain feeling of peace and calmness, which can only be described as “the inner smile” 🙂 Here is a little more about ENS: http://scenar.biz/dr-karasev-scenar-is-past.html/

      As for the DX-duo, LET Medical does not have them in mass production yet. ENS took priority in development and release 🙂

  2. Tom Brennan

    Will my cosmodic 715 be a part of the future after the new products are introduced?

    • Yes, of course it will be a part of the future, as any COSMODIC 🙂 The new “clever” attachments are designed for the Slider for now, but LET Medical is working on adapting the DX-uno (the therapeutic unit) to other COSMODIC devices, and we may see it done by the time the unit is released to the market (some time in spring 2016).

      • Jay

        Just to be clear i am not against this new technology and what Dr. Karasaev said is spot on, it is sensible and caring.

        This amazing technology cannot be a privilege of a few; what would be the point of that? Because then it would be the same as with the traditional medical system, in which the ones with no resources are left too die or to being treated with degradation and no dignity.

        My point is if this technology is coming anytime soon and that is known, devices like the x2 should stop being sold now because it´s not fair that someone invests in some cases all their savings and a month later a new more powerful, cheeper technology comes up.

        Thank you Dr Karasev for your genius and also from what can i gather in your words, your humanity and care.

        • Dear Jay,

          Yes, it is difficult sometimes to keep up with the quickly evolving technologies, especially as sophisticated and expensive as COSMODIC. That’s why Dr. Karasev and his team are taking a new approach in their product development and focusing on the new “smart” attachments that you can use with one single main unit (a source of power and a signal generator).

          The newest models of the Sliders will have a special jack to connect these attachments already built-in, but the previous models will need a small adapter; that’s all. This way, all Sliders x2 will be compatible with the “smart” attachments. Considering that x2 model is substantially cheaper than the upcoming x3, taking it off the market would be unfair to consumers.

          As per the time of release of the “smart” attachments, it is now 🙂 There is already a very well working first DX-1 in our office (so far a sample for trials), and the main market release is happening in June-July. DX-2 to follow.

          • Maria Jerome

            Any word when the DX-Uno and DX-Duo will come out? It obviously did not happen in summer

          • Hi, Maria,

            Actually, it did happen in the summer 🙂 I myself work with the DX-uno since then and love it. There is, however, something else that happened in the summer that put the plans of mass production of the “smart” attachments on hold for a little while.

            For the last few years, LET Medical has been quietly working on the next step in the evolution of SCENAR technology – the one that comes after COSMODIC. The newest technology got the name ENS (as in “essence”, “being”) and, apparently, it has the ability to tap into our informational matrix and work through the brain delta waves (which carry information about our in-built genetic health codes). Up until recently, however, they couldn’t find a way to deliver this technology in “material” form. That is, until this summer – and then they had a breakthrough.

            Needless to say, after that all LET Medical resources were focused on developing a new device that would carry the ENS technology. This device (which very appropriately is called ENS as well) will be released early next year.

            So that was the hold-up. Right now, however, as the ENS is off the drawing board and into the production cycle, they will return to the “smart” attachments. The first mass release of the DX-uno will happen in a month or so, followed by the DX-duo. Apparently, they work with the ENS just beautifully 🙂

            And even though I know how many people are waiting for the smart attachments to come out, I think, you, guys, won’t mind waiting a little longer, yet be able to see first-hand a miracle of a new “healing technology of the future” being born.

            Kind regards,
            Dr. Irina

      • Jay

        In Dr. Karasev words: http://www.scenar.ru/en/about_scenar/transferring_to_a_different_level_of_health.html

        ” So, we think it would be unfair if our invention is only affordable for the select few. That is why we offer to equip Sliders with “smart” electrodes. …

        Of course, for these “smart” electrodes to be able to work with the Slider in full and without an adaptor, we had to make some changes to the device. The new version of Sliders has a special connector which enables digital communication channel and provides power supply for the “smart” electrode

        ll be no need to buy a new electrode, it would be just enough to upgrade it. No need to spend much money on buying a powerful universal device, it will be just enough buying a “smart” electrode you need. And, what is most important, now all your purchased stuff will not be useless when we invent something new.

      • Jay

        I just don´t see how the new “clever” attachments are being designed for the Slider now, There is nothing in the current Slider to attach the attachments, so probably it needs an adaptor too. Only a new device would be ready for this new technology out of the box. That is why it´s Spring and nothing was released yet, i guess. I just hope all the devices won´t be rendered useless when this new technology comes out-

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