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  1. Barbara Mcphillips

    Irena, thank you so much for your wisdom. Your explanations are always so logical. You make everything sound just as it should be. I am not able to open the attachment on the Solaris blanket, but I will keep trying. Meantime I do need to buy one, so will make contact ASAP. Many thanks again – that sounds as such an inadequate acknowledgement, but sincerely meant. X

    • Dear Barbara,

      Thank you for your kind words. We, humans, always tend to overcomplicate things, while in reality life is simple 🙂

      We are looking forward to hear from you.

  2. CC

    Hi Dr. Irina,
    My son has a Q1000NG, Scenar/Cosmotic AG, and a Solaris blanket. He has 11 herniated discs, drop foot, but the main problem is he is chronically EXHAUSTED. He simply cannot sleep, and no matter how much “rest” he gets, he remains exhausted. Is there a protocol you could recommend to help his chronic exhaustion, using any/all of the above. He is just SO TIRED ALL THE TIME, and doesn’t know what to do.

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi, Cheryl,

      I am very sorry about Aaron. I know how bad his condition is and how much he must be suffering. The chronic exhaustion though is not a separate problem; it is most likely the result of Aaron being in chronic pain and, especially, of sleep deprivation. He is in chronic stress all the time and that affects his sleep, which, in turn, drains his energy.

      Are you and Aaron doing the ANS Balancing Protocol? The description and the video here: http://healthboss.org/blog/2015/12/27/chronic-stress-protocol/. That will not directly affect the level of pain (as you know, that requires different placement of the devices), but will help with his sleep and the stress level over time, if done regularly (preferably daily).

      Hope it helps.

  3. kostas

    Excellent, article , thank you so much.
    Just aquick question.
    How often and how long do you use the solaris blanket on accute situations and in chronic health problems?

    • The SOLARIS Blanket therapy, despite the seeming simplicity of the product, if done right, is actually quite complicated and precise and requires understanding of the states of adaptivity of the body. The best source to study it in detail is the original Russian TMB (Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket) Therapy ebook that I put into the Dropbox for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jkegq4sdetg2dm/TMB-blanket-ebook%20Datchenko-Klimov.pdf?dl=0

      Practically, we are seldom that precise. It takes, on average, 15-20 min. in the Blanket to move the system from one state of adaptivity to another. So in the case of a chronic disease the duration of the procedure will depend on the current adaptive reaction and the one you want to end up with (they go in cycles: training – mild activation – strong activation – stress – training etc.) On average, we give a client 35-40 min. in the Blanket, thus moving the reactions two “steps” forward, unless the client is in mild activation – then we do 15-20 min., so that the client does not end up in stress. As per the frequency of sessions, we do it every time we see the client – or, if possible, every day once a day.

      As per the acute conditions, the initial state is most likely stress – hence, the duration of the Blanket session can be anywhere from 15-20 min. to 45-60 min., usually twice a day.

      Hope it helps 🙂

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