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6 Responses to “GMO: Friend or Foe?”


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  1. This is my first exposure to you and your work. I commend you for it. GMOs have frightened me since I first heard of them.
    Patrick B McGinnis, Ph.D., L.M.H.C.

    • Thank you, Dr. McGinnis,

      I sincerely hope that raising awareness of the GMO phenomenon and its known and yet-to-discover effects on us, humans, will ultimately result in us messing less with Mother Nature.

  2. Robert W. Conn

    Thank-you so much Dr. Irina for being an advocate of sanity and common sense, especially for us here in the USA. This “Fool” as he refers to himself as, has become so frighteningly commonplace here. I have come to refer to his kind as “Boobus Americanus” – and it just embarrasses me that so many of us here have become so brainwashed by the likes of the Monsanto’s of the world. But more so just frightened by these big corporate giants power over our government …and arm twisting of governments of other regions of the world (Ukraine)!

    Please keep up your wonderful work

    • Thank you for your support, Robert. I believe times will change, and common sense will prevail because it becomes increasingly difficult to control information these days (thanks to the Internet). In the meanwhile, we all just have to keep out light shining…

  3. Nancy Reinstein

    I didn’t read all of what you wrote. I got the impression at first that you wanted our input. I have a Scenar Cosmotic and a Q1000 and probes and have used them for years. I have a PhD in Nutrition Science from UC Davis and a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Cornell University. I am a Registered Dietitian. I have always been totally against GMOs and think they are very dangerous. I have been studying them for years. I have lectured on them and helped run a campaign measure to keep them out of San Luis Obispo County. The measure lost. I think there are more negatives about GMOs than you have mentioned.

    Nancy Reinstein PhD, RD

    • Dear Nancy,

      Yes, I agree, there are more negatives about GMOs than I mentioned; I just didn’t want to make my article even more gloomy than it already was… Thank you not only for your awareness, but also for taking action. If more of us will do the same, maybe the situation will change and our world will be a healthier place.

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