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11 Responses to “Dr. Karasev Tells a Hidden Secret of SCENAR and COSMODIC”


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  1. Diane Katz

    Dear Dr Irina,

    Thank you for sharing your earnest pursuit of healing modalities, as well as your pursuit of understanding how and why!

    I am currently benefiting greatly from your and Dr Karasev’s efforts as I rise out of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities which have isolated me.

    Here is my question:

    I would very much like to hear more from Dr Karasev about spin energy.

    So much has been written — with much variation — about spin energy in and around the body (for example, “chakra” is translated as “funnel,” “wheel” or “electromagnetic disk”).

    There are also many discussions of “where, why and what” spins clockwise and counter-clockwise.

    Could he please elaborate about his discoveries on this subject?


  2. Linda Norwood

    Thanks Dr Irina!

    Read the interview twice. That helped although the technical escaped me!

    My question for Dr. Karasev is, what is your birth date?
    Second, do you believe the body instant response without tiring is God’s secret energy, totally non-physical?
    Third, have you prayed to crack the code?

    Jesus said we would do more than He was doing someday.

    I have to use this alias to stay light

  3. Dr. Ian Ball

    Magnificent information, Irina. Thanks a lot, Dr Alexnder, for the unbelievable insights and looking forward to new developments.

    Maybe the most interesting thing to come is connecting with the spirit – explanation Dr Ian Ball

  4. David Jamrozik

    Hi Dr Irina

    Thank you for your enlightening interview with Dr Karasev.
    I have a question for you and Dr Karasev.

    What role does ‘belief’ and ‘clear intent’ of the individual user of cosmodic devices have in the healing success of the device.
    If the user has absolute belief that healing will take place and clear intent, I would imagine that the operating principles of the device would align beautifully with that intent and assist in rapid healing.

    David jamrozik

    • Diane

      Good question! I was just assuming that others discovered what I am discovering, which is that:

      Dosing has a tendency to align with the moment of heightening of healing/spiritual energy. I find this to be true whether treating myself with our PS705ag Cosmodic — or when I am treating my husband. (I am a very sensitive self-healer, but not a professional healer)

      When I feel the internal shift of aligning with spiritual energy, the Cosmodic often doses right then, whether I am treating myself or my husband.

      My effort is to become a clear conduit, and to connect with “higher energy.” I’m not trying to make something happen.

      So Cosmodic, for me, is turning out to be a great biofeedback teaching tool as well !

      PS Similar — but in a way different — is observing that when using the q1000 laser with Cosmodic, generally the dose happens more quickly….

    • Hi, David,

      I cannot stress strong enough how important the client’s clear intent and believes are in COSMODIC therapy. They are important in ANY therapy, because they have healing powers on their own, but COSMODIC has an ability to amplify these powers.

      Our intent and believes are the top layer of our informational matrix, which determines our entire being directing energy and building and rebuilding the physical body. Therefore, the correct alignment of these mind constructs can and will govern the vector and the course of healing. COSMODIC through its microresonances is capable of picking up on those governing vibrations, amplifying them and harmonizing the body’s vibrational structure. In a way, the strong intent and belief magnified by COSMODIC become a sort of tuning fork for the body’s scrambled frequencies – and once the vibrations are harmonized and coherence restored, so is health.

      So far COSMODIC with its highly sophisticated signal is the only technology capable of intentionally tapping into and working in alignment with mental and even, to a certain extent, spiritual strata of our being.

      Thank you for the great question.

      Kind regards,
      Dr. Irina

  5. Thank you, Dr. Irena!

    Marvelous interview with a marvelous man. Now the thing most interesting element to me would be this. Knowing what we now do regarding spin electricity and it’s relevance in the human physiology as DR. Karasev revealed here, will we someday see a star trek devise which itself will be powered by the body of the person using it. And will the persons own body be able to write its own unique software into the devise with the use of the devise’s own onboard directives and monitors?

    Thanks again, Bob C

  6. Debbie Fry

    Also would like to thank you, Dr. Irina for this interview and for sharing it with us! Very exciting!

  7. Thank you Dr. Irena!

    The SPIN ELECTRICITY comment reminds me of the work of Nassim Haramein, who develops a model of creation that focuses heavily on spin and torque. It is a zero-point-based model that reminds me of the work of Walter Russell.

    I thought you might want to ask the doctor about possible correlations:


    Blessings … DK

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