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5 Responses to “Dr. Irina’s Personal NOTES from HBU 6-11”


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  1. paul

    My friend Gordon in Dallas is debilitated after a reaction to an antibiotic.

    Spent a year from hospital to walker – can use a cane and drive a little.

    But his eyes can go to free-fall – no coordination so he gets nausea and is incapacitated.

    I see this as a neuropathy.
    Any specifics you can offer?

    Thank you!

    Paul, it is an informative article.
    However, it does not cover my problem.

    My problem is caused by the lack of micro hairs in my inner ear.
    They move and tell the brain to readjust my eyes – and provide my location in space.

    The hairs were destroyed by the gentamicin, (anti-biotic).

    The hairs are part of the brain, and brain cells do NOT re-generate.

    Keep the articles coming.
    Happy New Year.

    • Dear Paul,

      I would agree that your friend’s problem can be classified as some kind of neuropathy and is a result of the nerve damage caused by antibiotics. I could argue that his condition stretches further than just the inner ear damage, but this is not the point.

      It looks like he is convinced that nervous structures do not regenerate – hence, there is nothing he can do about it. That is not true. Nerves can and will regenerate given enough energy and information to do so. Brain cells are capable of mitosis (division), and there are reserves of stem cells in the body that can be converted into the nervous cells under certain circumstances. It is a slow and extremely high energy-consuming process, but not impossible.

      There are prerequisites to this process though. One, of course, would need the right tools (we do this with COSMODIC and the Qlaser), the damage needs to be fairly fresh (without major scarring already developed), the body needs to be free from toxins possibly continuing to do damage, and, the most important, one would need to believe (or, better yet, KNOW) that the process is going to work. Internal programming is everything, especially when the nervous structures are concerned.

      That is not often that all these requirements are met. As a result, we do not often see the “brain regeneration” miracles, but we DO see them once in a while. So we KNOW, it is possible 🙂

      • Chris : Holliman

        Yes the brain can, and does reproduce new Brain cells. I have to find my notes. If you do not believe then that is what you get. Your genes are turned on, and off with how you work with your subsconscous mind by telling it what you want. I love Irina’s instructions on asking the body to give us an answer to where to start with Scenar.

  2. paul

    Release #8 is not downloadable – nothing to click- except #7.

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