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  1. Nancy deaustin

    Hello I am wondering what the best device would be To treat type one diabetes the actual Oragan issue and do you have any experience or success with this condition ? If you could only choose one device which would it be for this particular problem ? thank you so much my name is Nancy- thank you!

    • Hi, Nancy,

      Type 1 diabetes is always a challenge, since it requires actual regeneration of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. There is only one technology that we know of at the moment that can promote regeneration of tissues – and that’s COSMODIC. Therefore, you would need a COSMODIC device. Also, since regeneration is an extremely energy consuming process, the healing light of the resonating QLaser would be of a great help.

      Unfortunately, we cannot give you any guarantee or provide you with statistics. Diabetes type 1 is a fairly rare condition, and we do not have much experience with it.

      Please call us for more on the matter.

  2. Tatjana

    Dear Sir/Madam
    How many percentages, you have success in your way of healing people ?

    Did You do measurement of the energy field of the person Before and After your treatment ?

    Which capacity you have for accepting new Clients daily, weekly and monthly ?

    How many treatments are averagely needed for improving person’s condition and how much one treatment cost ?

    I’m interested for cooperation with you and that’s why I’m looking for Your Answers.

    With full respect
    Your Well – wishing
    Tatjana P.S.

    • Dear Tatjana,

      The typical success rate of the Healing FUSION therapy is 80-95%, depending on a therapist and the devices used. That includes improvement of the treated condition, as well as complete healing.

      Yes, when we ran an active practice, we used to do an energy assessment in the beginning of the therapy course, as well as in the middle and in the end of it (not every session though). We used one of the versions of Nakatani method, quick and efficient.

      We do not run a clinic any longer, but when we did, we budgeted an hour per client per therapist.

      Acute conditions usually take no more than 3-5 sessions, but the chronic ones need at least 10-15 sessions per a course of treatments. How many courses each client needs varies individually, but usually no less than 2-3 with 3 months break in-between. The cost varies greatly and depends on the therapist’s qualifications and experience and on local conditions.

      Hope that answers some of your questions.

      Kind regards,
      Dr. Irina

  3. Mila

    Hi i have the bio scenar level 1 and 2 training in scenar. I have just learned about your products. My friend she has left ovarian cyst. About 10cm. I manage yo reduce it using basuc zones. How ever i have read your q1000 can regenerate and break cyst could you please let me have more info also what would be the best setup i can have products and training with certificate. Thank you Mila

    • Dear Mila,

      First of all, congratulations on your wonderful SCENAR therapy result with an ovarian cyst. Areas of General regulation (Basic Zones) balance the hormonal status, which, in turn, regulates the ovarian function and affects ovarian abnormalities.

      As per the QLaser, it can help and facilitate the process, but I am not aware of any data that would suggest that it can BREAK the cyst. I can probably answer you more sensibly, if I know where your data came from. The QLaser will reduce inflammation around the cyst and promote better ovarian function, yes, but breaking the cyst requires a certain force that the soft Qlaser does not possess.

      With that being said, we find that the QLaser is an invaluable companion to any SCENAR device. These are mutually enhancing, and we would recommend any SCENAR owner to consider adding the QLaser to his/her tools of trade. The QLaser is a very powerful yet simple to use technology and does not require any specific training or certification.

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