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  1. Dear Martin,
    How is your wife doing.
    I am exceedingly interested in helping people to health, wellness and vitality and not for my financial gain.
    I would love to hear back from you. Please RSVP.
    Bob Gilbert 775 722-1212 cell unborncryforjustice@yahoo.com

  2. Richard Ford

    Hi all – quick one – am trying to unearth a user manual for a scenar ritm 97.4PDS – small landscape screen middle bottom of the machine – with basics about the different settings, treatment practices etc – any help super gratefully received – many thanks!

  3. Daniele pieri

    Salve vorrei avere informazioni in italiano per acquistare un scenar e manuale in italiano ! Soffro di artrite psoriasica da 17 anni , e vorrei sapere se mi può aiutare a guarire lo scenar? Attendo vostre risposte , grazie!

    • Dear Daniele,

      Unfortunately, we do not have any SCENAR manuals or training materials in Italian. Sorry about that.

      To your question about the psoriatic arthritis. As you know, it is an auto-immune disorder and as such, requires systemic approach. SCENAR and COSMODIC can certainly improve this condition, but it takes more than just electronic devices to reverse it. Lifestyle changes, major detox, dietary corrections, nutritional supplements and many other things need to be included in the treatment of auto-immune disorders, and several energy healing modalities should be tried.

      SCENAR can complement all of them, but using it as a single modality for auto-immune correction may be disappointing.

  4. Martin Fox

    My wife has pancreatic cancer with some evidence of cancer nodules in the lungs. She is in decent health and has not do any chemo, radiation or surgery. Currently doing IV treatment with Vit C and other substances. Which of your devices offers the greater help? How often should it be use and for how long? Thanks.

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