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  1. Harry Johal

    Dr. Irina,

    Hi, whatever happened to the woman you responded to in regards to her daughter being A paraplegic and the son with autism?

    • Hi, Harry,

      Actually, I do not know what happened to this family. The last we heard from Abdul was in April of last year. He notified us that his daughter has already been in contact with the San Diego practitioner we recommended and has been receiving treatments – and Abdul also connected with our autism expert Dr. Pat Knox, who was very helpful in advising them on the autism treatments in general and on the QLaser therapy in particular.

      Unfortunately, we haven’t heard anything since, even though we’ve sent a few follow-up emails. We really hope they are all on the healing path.

  2. g roberts

    What would a laser do for skin cancer. My son is a kidney transplant person. we believe the skin cancer his comes from his medicine. The medicine takes his immune system down. ??

    • Yes, it is possible that medication that is used after organ transplants suppresses the immune system (in order to decrease the risk of organ rejection) – which in turn time may increase the risk of developing cancer. It is difficult to say with certainty though.
      The same goes for the Low level laser technology – it is difficult to say with certainty whether or not it is going to help. We’ve seen it both ways.
      Your best option would be to find a knowledgeable health practitioner in your area familiar with the low level laser and follow his/her advice after he/she thoroughly examines you son.
      Sorry that I could not give you more definite answer.

  3. Abdul Rahman Yunoos

    Hi Irina,

    I am 69 years old from Singapore. I have two unfortunate matters with me:

    1) I have a 40 years old daughter in San Diego who had a freak accident at home and broke her neck at C3/4 on 27 April 2010. She is paraplegic right now. She tried 2 treatment with stem cell transplant in Mexico but there was no noticeable or significant improvement on her mobility. She is still unable to transfer herself to the wheel chair and depends alot on the care taker. She is at her home in San Diego and does some rehabilitation exercise etc. .

    2) I have a 5 years grandson in Singapore who is diagnosed as autistic. He is still unable to talk, very hyper cannot keep still and stay focus, wakes up in the middle of the night and stay awake for 3 t 3 hours, picky on his food, prefer to swallow his food, still on dypers etc.

    Have you tried on the above types of patients and can say confidently whether SCENAR can help to improve the situation…make my daughter walk and my grandson recover from autism. Thank you for your response.

    • So sorry to hear about your loved ones… These are difficult situations to deal with, but in my opinion, both can be helped. I cannot predict to which extent; it depends on many factors. We, however, did have paraplegics FULLY recovered with the SCENAR and the QLaser on more than a few occasions, and we do have many success stories with treating autism and delayed development.

      Incidentally, we have a SCENAR practitioner in San Diego, who specializes in spinal cord injuries. My office will forward you the contact details. Visiting him would be a good first step for your daughter – and, if there is any positive dynamics in treatments, we can go from there and see what else can be done (the specialist I am talking about has very good results in his therapy, but he uses the first generation SCENAR and does not have the QLaser).

      We will also forward you some information regarding the autism treatment. That will require your grandson’s parents to be open to our technologies and have the devices at home for daily treatments. Autism treatment is a long road, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

      Hope that helps.

  4. brian

    How do you order?

  5. nanjappa sreenivas

    cxcellent demonstration and device and knowledge

  6. nanjappa sreenivas

    I am impressed,,
    I need to work with depressed and pain suffers.
    please let me know what is the cost 0f cosmodec and ??? EX 735Ag.
    since you are in San Antonia I or you can visit me and work to-gether.
    Nanjappa sreenivas, phone #956-564-3191

  7. Dimitrios

    Hi Irina, I am interesting about Q10 soft laser, where can I find information & prices?
    Is it good for the pain or do you suggest the dove scenar device?

    Thanks, regards Dimitris!!!!!

  8. gerda kruthoffer

    Hi irina
    I use the sliding 735ag here in auckland new zealand and absolutely love it but feel like I need some more on some of my patients and am very interested in the laser, I checked out your website but cannot seem to find any prices and how to order, could you please advise me.
    Thanks, kind regards gerda

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