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  1. Peter

    Re: the solaris blanket. Would it help for the patient to lie on it while having scenar therapy?

    • Yes, absolutely. In fact, most of our SCENAR therapists wrap their clients in the Blanket for 10-15 minutes before the SCENAR session, conduct a treatment with a client on the Blanket – and after the session wrap the client again for 15-20 min. The SOLARIS significantly enhances the SCENAR results.

  2. I injured myself working in my garden and everything I tried didn’t get rid of the pain. I awoke on a Thursday morning at 4 am with the pain and remembered that I had bought a Solaris Pad for my cat. I thought,”Well, its a bit small but I’ll try it”, and to my amazement the pain in my back started to subside almost immediately.

    I got up to make cup of tea about 20 minutes later, then went back to bed. While I was lying I realized I was lying on my side – something I couldn’t do without pain only minutes before. The pain continued to subsided that much to the point that I thought, maybe I could cancel that appointment I had made with the chiropractor.

    That morning I decided that was it, I was going to buy the full length blanket, because if that little miracle that I had laid on could make such a difference, what would a larger one do for me? Thanks to the people who sold me this great little blanket.

  3. Daniel

    Hi I clicked on buy it for the solaris blanket but it doesn’t tell you how to buy it or how much it is.

    Indeed I have received many emails from you but I could never find where to buy your products til you sent out the email out about a sale. I’m not still not sure how you actually make a purchase.

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