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4 Responses to “Treating Scars and Moles with SCENAR and Q-Laser”


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  1. Cheryl

    Hi Dr. Irina,
    I had a medium size mole on my back. Obviously I could not reach it to treat it myself, so I had my husband use the 606 on it every day for about a month. Not much happened at all, but then one day I was fixing my hair with my little terry robe on that did not cover where the mole had been. I looked in the mirror one day, and to my SHOCK, the mole was completely gone. I didn’t even know when it fell off, but it was gone.

    The hardest part about treating moles that you can’t reach – like on your back in certain places – is finding a “volunteer” to use the laser on you, remembering to do it REGULARLY, and not skipping sessions. But it DOES work if you can do it regularly.

    On mine we only used the 606 for one minute every night. I did not use any essential oils along with the laser, but that might not be a bad idea to try that as well – like maybe Frankincense. or tea tree oil. I have never tried Tea tree oil myself, but someone said it might work. I am currently using Frankincense on another mole I have on my back that I am unable to reach with the laser, but I can reach with a Q-tip. So I’ll just have to see if that works – but the Q-laser definitely worked.

  2. Chris McCormack

    Hello Irina 🙂
    Nice to “see” you!

    In response to Annette Logan’s question above regarding OCD and anxiety, did you actually post a reply?

    Otherwise, I am curious as to whether you have written an article on the use of the shungite electrodes and brain balancing in reference to the OCD/anxiety issue.

    Thank you!


  3. Annette Logan

    Dr Irena – have any of our home healers had any luck treating or reducing the negative effects of OCD? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and the anxiety this causes in some children to the point where it is a disability? Any suggestions on treatment?
    We have the Q1000 and the 808 and the scenar and the blanket and the dove. We use it all for immune boosting and inflammation reduction related to allergies, Celiac/UC.

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